Grade 8-Team 81

Please click here to see the Team 81 Homework page for information on student assignments

Our team strives to build better home/school relationships to promote student success.  Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.  


Goals of 8th Grade Students on Team 81

  • Develop perseverance
  • Advocate for themselves
  • Develop coping skills for everyday pressures
  • Develop decision-making skills 
  • Learn and utilize independent study skills
  • Develop good citizenship skills
  • Recognize that all subjects are basic to success in life

Expectations of Students on Team 81

  • Respect differences among peers
  • Hand in all work on time
  • All work should show the student's best effort
  • Students are responsible for all missed work due to absence
  • Come to class prepared with subject specific materials and a writing utensil
  • Fill in your assignment notebook before you leave every class
  • Respect yourself, others and all materials in the building
  • All work will be original to the student.  Copying of any kind is unacceptable.  This includes; copying someone else's words from the internet, a book, or a friend's assignment.