National Junior Honor Society


Westfield Middle School participates in the National Junior Honor Society program to recognize the academic and civic accomplishments of our students. All inductees into the NJHS are selected on the basis of outstanding performance in all five criteria of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship and character.

Students fulfill the scholarship component for National Junior Honor Society by attaining the minimum grade point average as determined by the faculty council prior to the start of the 7th grade year.  Candidates must maintain the minimum NJHS grade point average throughout their duration at Westfield Middle School once accepted.  Due to the citizenship component, an unsatisfactory conduct mark, or suspension from school may prevent a student from becoming a member of NJHS.  Requirements for the service, character, and leadership requirements will be fulfilled throughout the remainder of their time at Westfield Middle School. 

Additional information is available by contacting Ms. Palmer or Mrs. Tesko, our NJHS Advisors.