Literacy Initiative

School-wide Literacy Initiative

Program Summary


  Literacy Plan


South Middle School’s Literacy initiative is designed for all students to become critical thinkers, and academically successful. All interdisciplinary learning experiences will be relevant to our students, and focus on higher order thinking skills. As a result of this initiative students will be able to generate original ideas, evaluate information, and communicate their thoughts effectively though Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Reasoning.


Promote school-wide literacy skills to improve academic achievement and critical thinking skills of all students.

Increase academic rigor at South Middle School.

Create a vocabulary rich environment at SMS.

Focus on essential skills.

Build in-house capacity at SMS to sustain the Literacy Initiative.


Provide students with consistent rubrics, vocabulary, skills, and processes across the disciplines.

Create a SMS Literacy manual to provide staff with resources such as rubrics, skills and procedures, to ensure consistent implementation throughout the school.

Teaching of vocabulary across the curriculum. Focus on new method to teach vocabulary and on words (descriptors, action etc.) to be successful on school assignments and on the MCAS.

Expand the word of the week to include specific interdisciplinary lessons to apply the concept.

Embed vocabulary in all 5-Literacy components.

Use of Literacy skills to create products. Speeches, drawings, posters writing, etc.

Create Literacy strategies to be included in next year’s Student Planner.