Westfield Middle School’s grading system is designed to measure the level of students’ attainment of our curricula objectives. The school year is divided into four marking terms. Students receive grades each term for every course taken. Students receive a numerical grade of 50 and above, a P for passing, or an F for grades of 49 and lower. A grade of 60 or above is considered passing. Our numerical grades represent the following level of achievement:

Grade Meaning

90 - 100 Demonstrated Advanced Mastery of the Curriculum 80 - 89 Demonstrated Mastery/Proficiency of the Curriculum
70 - 79 Demonstrated Understanding of the Curriculum
60 - 69 Demonstrated Partial Understanding of the Curriculum
50 - 59 or F Failed to Demonstrate an Understanding of the Curriculum

Advanced Mastery – At this level, students are able to apply the curriculum objectives and provide sophisticated solutions to complex problems. 

Mastery/Proficiency – Students demonstrated a solid understanding of the curriculum objectives and can use them to solve a wide variety of problems.

Understanding – Students demonstrated a basic understanding of the course objectives and are able to use them in solving simple problems.

Partial Understanding – At this level, students have demonstrated a partial understanding of the objectives and are beginning to use them to solve problems.

Failing – Students failed to demonstrate an understanding of the course objectives and cannot use them to solve simple problems.

At the end of each course, the teacher will calculate a final grade. This numerical grade represents the student's final grade and is transferred into his/her school record. Comments on effort and conduct are also recorded on each student's report card. The following are examples of comments regarding student conduct, effort, and achievement that are used on progress reports and report cards:

Commendable effort
Needs to attend help class
Absences affected progress
Commendable conduct
Accommodations made
Low test results
Grade reflects effort
Fails to participate
Satisfactory effort
Participates in class
Missing assignments
Unsatisfactory effort
Superior work
Unprepared for class
Satisfactory conduct
Working to potential
Fails to follow directions
Unsatisfactory conduct
Inconsistent work
Wastes class time
Conduct needs improvement
Unsatisfactory work
Negative attitude
Uses class time wisely
Works well with others
Showing improvement
Projects late or incomplete
Considerable talent
Showing no improvement
Effort needs improvement
Organization needs improvement
Strong organizational skills
Showing leadership skills
Asks good questions
Participation needs improvement
Projects exceed requirements


Westfield Middle School operates on a  grading system that consists of four 45-day marking periods and two 90-day semesters where students receive a report card and a mid-term progress report each term. Over the course of the year, students will receive four report cards and have four progress reports listed on the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Students’ final grades will consist of calculating the grades from each of the four semesters. The following are tentative timelines for our semester and mid-term progress reports.  

1st Quarter:   September 4th – November 9th                     

2nd Quarter:  November 11th – January 25th                       Mid-term:  January 3rd

Semester 1: September 4th –January 25th                           

3rd Quarter:   January 28th-April 5th                                              Mid-term:  March 6th

4th Quarter:   April 8th –June 17th                                            Mid-term:  May 15th

Semester 2: January 26th – June 17th

The above dates are tentative. Each quarterly marking period average 45 school days in length and the semester marking periods average 90 days in length. Report cards indicating student progress and achievement are issued at the end of each marking period.