1:1 Chromebok Initiative News

February 19, 2020

Dear WMS Families,

This year, our school has implemented a 1:1 Chromebook initiative. Every student at Westfield Middle School has been assigned a device to use during school hours. As with all school-owned equipment, we expect students to return these devices in the same condition that they received them. The majority of students have been responsible with their devices. However, we have had a lot of preventable damage to the Chromebooks, both accidental and intentional. If students damage their school-owned Chromebook, we will contact you to discuss the damage and send home a bill for the repair. Repair costs typically range from $20 - $70, however in rare cases we may need to bill you for replacement which is approximately $250.


Here is what you can do from home to support your child's responsible use of technology in school:

  • Review the 1:1 Technology Agreement with your child including the Student Agreement that all students signed when given their device.
  • Set expectations: encourage your child to use technology appropriately and responsibly.
  • Buy a case for the Chromebook to provide protection from accidental damage.
    • It must fit the model number of the device written in tiny print on the bottom of the device. It is either 11 GS, 11 GS EE, or 11 G6 EE. See Mrs. Scott for help.
    • It must fit into the charging cart at school.
    • You can purchase cases at Amazon, Staples, or you can buy it at school from Mrs. Scott for $20 cash.
    • The case will be the student's property. They will be able to personalize it and take it home at the end of the school year.

 If you have any questions please contact WMS Librarian Mrs. Sarah Scott.  She can be reached through the main office at 413-568-1900 or by email:  sarah.scott@schoolsofwestfield.org