PTAC Minutes 10-12-16

PTAC Minutes – 10/12/2016

In attendance: Michelle Urbanski, Kate LaBombard, Ellie D’Allesandro, Colleen Brenzel, Jenn Chartier, Theresa Gibson, Justin Baker, Nathaniel Alamed, Tina Macy

Minutes provided by Kate LaBombard

Principal Report

Included discussion of carnival success, spirit night and upcoming Election Day Bake Sale.

Spirit Night – October 19, 6:30 pm, Bullens Field

Kate to shop for concessions.  PTAC to set up concessions and apparel at 5:30. 

Asked anyone who has a large coffee maker to fill it and bring it with hot water so we are ready to go for hot chocolate.  Kate to make sign. 

Election Day Bake Sale – November 8, 7am-8pm, Westfield Senior Center

Ellie coordinated with the Senior Center and they have agreed to give us a table to use the day of the Election.  Ellie will make a sign.  Dianna Gardner to make a volunteer schedule with public access to sign up for blocks of time on Election Day.  We need bakers!!  Michelle will reach out through FB.  Need to specify food drop-off time/location for anyone willing to bake.  Mr. Baker will do a robo-call. 

Donations to benefit SMS.

Tina Macy – VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools)

We welcomed Tina to our meeting and she gave us a description of VIPS and the importance of volunteering in our schools.  Encouraged us to log our hours of involvement on PTAC.  Looking to grow the volunteer database.  She also offered to help spread the word about our future fundraising event when the time comes.  We look forward to working together with Tina to encourage more people to volunteer at SMS and throughout the school district. 

Future Fundraising Event – Date: February/March

By our next meeting we would like to present all information for a large fundraising event.  Michelle is looking into a Mystery Dinner to see what is involved.  If this idea seems beneficial, we will work to secure a date and venue at our November meeting.  Need to discuss ways of advertising. Possible “store” to purchase advance tickets was suggested by Nathaniel Alamed.  He will work on a generic store so that we can see how it works and decide if it is advantageous for our needs.

Assembly ideas

We would like to sponsor a school-wide assembly for the students.  Encouraged everyone to come to November meeting with ideas. 

Treasurer Report – Ellie D’Allesandro

Ellie presented her report and explained the different accounts.  We currently have a balance of $3601.22 in our Fundraising Account.

Our carnival, which was a free event, was only a loss of about $87.00.  But we agreed a lot was gained having this SMS community event for no cost!

Colleen Brenzel elected SMS PTAC Secretary!

Meeting adjourned 7:03 pm.