Bridges Program

Bridges Inclusion Program at WMS

A small, community based approach to learning. 


The Bridges program is intended to lead students towards success in education through the use of innovative teaching techniques, greater access to counseling services, more individualized instruction, flexible scheduling, lower student to teacher ratios, and a more supportive classroom atmosphere.


Goals of the Program

• A small community based approach

• A reduction in absences

• An increase in student performance

• Acquisition of pro-social skills

• Acquisition of problem solving skills

• Increased connection to learning

• Development of positive attitudes and relationships 


The Bridges Team

The staff who are employed in this program are highly skilled educators who truly care about the students and always remain accessible to them.  They are flexible, open minded, and recognize each student’s abilities. There is an emphasis on project based learning, hands on learning, and dynamic instructional approaches. 


Staff in the Bridges Program work together to maintain a friendly, constructive atmosphere based on kindness and mutual respect.  

Student Testimonials

“It’s good to be in Bridges because if you don’t like larger classes, it’s smaller and better for people who have trouble with focus.”

“I like my friends and the teachers. I’m doing better than all of my other years. I like it because of the fun things that the teachers let us do.”


 “Bridges helps because the classes are smaller so it’s easier to get help. Friday Activities are the best!”