Year Long Strategies

South Middle School

2012-13 Literacy Initiative

Literacy Goal:  At South Middle School our Literacy focus is getting students to access and interact with 21st Century information presented to them through: text, data, charts/tables, and visual media.  Using this information, students will be able to generate original ideas, evaluate information, and communicate their thoughts effectively through Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Reasoning.

Objectives:  This are specific objectives are to:

  1. Create a vocabulary rich environment for our students,
  2. Implement literacy skills (i.e., word walls, 2-3 column notes, top-down webs) across all subject areas,
  3. Implement new content area literacy classes in grades six and seven, and
  4. Improve the quality of students writing skills and answers to open response questions and writing prompts.

Monthly Targeted Strategies & Skills





Review of SMS Literacy Initiative & 2012-13 Priorities

Vocabulary rich environment.

Active Reading Skills. Clarity of the writing process. Staff Personal Action Plan for Literacy.


Vocabulary Skills

Word of the Week & Word of the Day.

Creating & Interacting with Word Walls.


Active Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies & RCURRA.

Note Taking, & Highlighting.


Designing Higher Order

Writing Prompts

Higher Order of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Designing Open Response Questions and Tasks.

Quadrant D Performance Tasks.


RCURRA  Active Reading Process

Breaking down the question/problem/task.

Outlining a Response.


SMS Writing Process & Rubric

Writing for a Purpose & Technical Writing.

Answering Open Response Questions.


Identifying Exemplars by Analyzing Student Work

Collecting & Reviewing Samples of Work.

Defining Exemplars.


Open Response Writing &

Short Answer Responses

RAFT Writing Process.

Provide Supporting Evidence & Summarizing.


Reading & Writing in Math and Science

The difference between ELA Open Response questions and those in Math & Science.

Integrating Math & Science Vocabulary.


Analyzing Student Work


Collecting & Reviewing Samples of Work.

Defining Exemplars.


Pulling it all Together

Where do we go from here?

Identify Strengths & Weaknesses.

Assessing the year.

Recommendations for 2013-14.