Health Office

Karen Raymaakers is our full-time nurse. She assists each student in achieving and maintaining his/her optimum level of good health. She is available to assess students who are injured or become ill while at school as well as students with ongoing medical conditions. The nurse monitors the vision, hearing, and scoliosis screenings and immunization compliance.
Parents are reminded to keep students home if a child's temperature is 100 degrees F or above. The temperature should be normal (less than 100 degrees F) for 24 hours before returning to school. Children should also be kept out of school and seen by their primary care provider if they have drainage from their eye(s) or ear(s); an uncontrolled cough; persistent nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea; persistent sore throat; or a rash.
Please stress hand washing with your children. This is an easy and proven way to prevent disease. Remind them to use SOAP and WATER and to wash for 10 to 15 seconds before eating or touching food; after using toilet; after playing outside; during an illness; and after touching animals.
Please refer to the link above for the WPS main web site under Nursing Services for Physical, Immunization and Medications forms that you can download as needed.

If you have any questions, Karen Raymaakers can be reached at 572-4520.

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